The KFPS have informed its foreign associations about the new KFPS policy regarding parentage verification and the renewed policy for testing for Hydrocephalus and Dwarfism as follows:


Parentage verification


Until 2017 the KFPS policy for parentage verification included a mandatory verification in case of 1) late reporting of breedings and births; 2) different stallions used in consecutive breedings/cycles; 3) foals born from embryo transfer. Further a number of horses were randomly verified.

In 2016 there has been decided that eventually all broodmares will be verified. This means that all new Star mares will be verified as well as all other mares that have a breeding reported or a foal is reported for registration. We have implemented this in the registration procedures in the Netherlands and a couple of other countries. From 2018 this will be implemented in all countries.


In some countries the policy is, to have all registered foals verified. For these countries the verification policy will not change.

Gene-test for Hydrocephalus and Dwarfism


In 2014 the DNA-test for Hydrocephalus and Dwarfism was successfully introduced. The tests were mandatory for new approved stallions, where the carrier status was published. For brood mares the test was strongly advised, but this was not mandatory. In order to exclude all matings of carriers, this policy was changed in 2017. From 2017 also all older stallions have been tested (and published). Further all new Star mares as well as all mares from which a foal is reported for registration have to be tested. It is advised to perform this at the same time as the parentage verification iin order to save costs.


The costs for the DNA testing are for the registered owner of the mare. Therefore we would like you to inform your members to keep their horse administration in order by transferring horses into the new owners name and also administrate when horses are passed away. They can update this information in  MYKFPS/Myhorse on the website 


It’s our advice to share these changes in policy with your members.


With kind regards,


Frequently asked questions


What is the requirement for permitted and unpermitted stallions?

All Permit stallions have the same rules as approved stallions, they are tested and results are published. The AFHS has also made it mandatory that all non permit stallions be tested. This information is available by contacting the AFHS.  All new horses positive for any of these genes will no longer qualify for a Breeding Permit.

Can I organise my own DNA tests?

At present the KFPS will not accept outside DNA testing

Why do they check for the Chestnut factor and does this cost extra?

Testing for the chestnut factor is presently done to avoid unplanned breedings of Chestnut based horses. It is done as part of the testing and does not incur additional charges

Are foalbook, BB1 or BB2 foals still DNA tested?

The KFPS don't require DNA for foals anymore unless the paperwork has been submitted late, mare was bred by more than one stallion in the season or it's an ET foal. So most foals won't be DNA tested now as foals. But will require it as adults if they get star or are used for breeding or in the case of males become approved or get breeding permits. It's a once off they don't need to retest them each time they foal

Why am I asked to pay for DNA parentage for my breeding mares wasn't this done as a foal?

For years we have sent off the hair samples with our foals as a database for the KFPS. They would randomly select horses and check that parentage DNA was correct and we never knew about it unless there was an issue. In 2017 the KFPS changed how they did this DNA checking. They decided that they would check mares that had either become Ster or if they had been bred from. This is mandatory and we are being charged for it. The KFPS are not doing all  horses at once but eventually all  horses that fit the criteria will be done. The charges for this DNA testing is being sent to the AFHS to onforward to the owners. You don't have to request for this test to be done and any mare bred from in the past will eventually be charged for. This is a KFPS charge and ruling not a AFHS one.