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BB2 Filly


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DOB: 27/09/2017


Sire: Gramayre Saor (IMP) 

Saor is a young friesian foal book stallion with an impeccable temperament. He was born 01/5/2005 and currently stands 15.3hh. Saor is a stallion with great looks, correct conformation, straight elevated movement and a superb nature. Saor has the classical build of both his sire and dam. His sire is the good looking stud book stallion  Wierd 409 who stands at 15.3hh. His dam is a stud book mare Evita fan it Pomplebled who was imported from the Netherlands and stands at 16hh. His motherline studbook, ster, ster preferent, ster preferent. Saor has an amazing temperament. 

Dam: Gramayre Mia

Mia is a Baroque style of mare.  Her Grandsire is the Grand Prix Friesian Jasper and her motherline is Stud Book mare Siaan, and  ancestry includes ster, ster preferent, ster.  She has correct conformation and excellent movement and elevation. 

She has a bold and confident and very friendly nature.

Price: $16,000

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