Linear Score sheet vs Breeding Values

Linear scoring and breeding values are two completely separate assessments. Linear scoring is about the individual horse, what the judge sees in the day she is presented.

Breeding values are based on Breeding values basically represent figures to reflect the hereditary index for specific characteristics. The figure reflects a horse´s genetic predisposition for this characteristic and how it is passed on to its offspring. The breeding values are the result of filtering all available information on this horse and its relatives. The more data are included the more reliable the breeding value will be.


KFPS breeding values are composed of several aspects. The ‘breeding values exterior linear’ are available for every horse registered in the Studbook. These comprise 26 characteristics indicating two, usually opposing terms. The bar in the middle reveals to which side the horse’s genetic predisposition has a stronger tendency. Under the heading ‘breeding values exterior assessment aspects’ the above linear characteristics of the horse are summed up in five aspects, which are: breeding type, conformation, legwork, walk and trot.  There are additional breeding values for sport aptitude. To acquire these a horse needs to complete an aptitude test or have taken part in competition sports.


These breeding values offer a reliable indication of a horse´s genetic predisposition to perform under saddle, in driving or show driving.