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Bastiaan 510

(Jisee 433 x Tsjerk 328)

SIRE:  Jisse 433 

DAM: Djura S (Ster Pref 7, Model Pref 7, Ster Pref 6)


Height: 164cm

Registration number 200802910

Genetic test Results: Negative for Dwarfism gene

                                     Negative for Hydrocephalus

                                     Negative for Chestnut  gene


ABFP scores 81.5 ridden and 77 driven.


On 28th March 2019 Bastiaan 510 (formerly Braggo S) became the first KFPS stallion registered in Australia in the studbook register. 

Bastiaan is the first approved son of Jisse 433. He was bred by E. van Slooten from Joure from the Crown Sport and Preferent mare Djura S (Tserk 328) His grandmother is a Preferent Star mare by Gaije 295 out of strain 102 from the line of breeder Bruggen from Jubbega.

Bastiaan reached third viewing in the Netherlands and left for Australia in 2013 where he was purchased by his current owner Katrina Routson of Terarossa Stud Friesians

He served breeding in Australia as a foalboook stallion with a KFPS approved breeding licence.   So far 30 offspring have been registered, where during the Keuring (inspections March 2019) the offspring continue to become star) 

Bastiaan 510 has become successful in his dressage career which was partly the basis for him being invited for the shortened examination.

Bastiaan 510 had already become an significant ambassador for the Friesian breed having twice won the prestigious 'Equitana Horse of the Year' award in 2014 and 2016.

Contact Terarossa Lodge for more information

Braggo NSW Keuring 2019 a.jpg
Braggo NSW Keuring 2019.jpg
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