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Friesian Keuring Tour 2023


Dates and Locations

KFPS jury members, Jan Helinx and Sabien Zwaga from the Netherlands will fly to Australia and New Zealand to “keur” our horses. This bi-annual event will start on the 28th of March kicking off in Western Australia until the 8th of April.

It is a significant time for our horses (especially the adult horses), and for Friesian lovers everywhere it is a great time to come out and see lots of Friesians in one place, and at their best. Any queries or concerns please contact your state representative below. 


Dates & Locations:

28th March Western Australia - State Equestrian Centre, Brigadoon.

30th March South Australia – Friesian Dreams, Mount Jagged.

31st March Tasmania - Woodend Equestrian Centre, Deviot.

1st April Victoria Day One - Terarossa lodge Equestrian Centre, Wangoom.

3rd April Victoria Day Two - Elmore Equestrian Park, Elmore.

5th April New South Wales - Taree Showgrounds, Taree.

7th April SE Queensland - Burpengary Equestrian Centre, Burpengary.

8th April FN Queensland - Tully Horse performance Centre


state Representatives

WA Paul Noone

SA Michael van der Heiden

TAS Nadeen Davis

VIC Julie Mischkulnig

NSW Leeanne Taylor

QLD Colleen Shields

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