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Registration of Friesian Horses in Australia affiliated with the KFPS Dutch Studbook and member of the World Friesian Horse Organisation


We have recently been made aware of another Society starting up in Australia that has affiliated with the FPZV, offering alternative registration services for purebred Friesian horses in Australia.  We have subsequently been contacted by several members with various queries about this. If you have any questions we haven’t answered below please feel free to contact the President at and we will include it here for the benefit of other members.


Can I join other societies that register Purebred Friesians and still be an AFHS/KFPS member? 

Yes you can be an ordinary member of any society you wish, as long as you are not actively involved in the running of the society or actively promoting the society.

Can I be on the board of another Purebred Society and still be an AFHS/KFPS member?

No. The AFHS recognizes only the KFPS as a legitimate studbook for the registration of purebred Friesian Horses. Being actively involved in an organisation other than the AFHS/KFPS that is purporting to register purebred Friesian horses is against the AFHS Rules and Regulations, in particular article 1.2H, and can jeopardize your membership and your horse's registration with the AFHS/KFPS.

Can I register my part bred Friesian with another society without jeopardizing my AFHS membership?

Yes, the AFHS has no interest or involvement of partbred Friesians and you can therefore register your part bred horses anywhere you wish.

Can my Friesian be dual registered KFPS and FPZV? 

No, you must choose which Society you wish to register in. Your KFPS registered horse will never lose its original KFPS papers, however if you wish to change your current KFPS registration to the FPZV you must send the horses original KFPS papers to the FPZV along with a filled in FPZV transfer of registries form, you will receive them back with the FPZV Stamp on them, the FPZV studbook in Germany will contact the KFPS to notify them of the transfer. You may of course choose to leave your horse registered with the KFPS and not perform a registries transfer.  If your horse/foal is unregistered then you must choose a Society to register with, it cannot be dual registered in both.

Can I transfer my FPZV registered horse back too/into the KFPS?

Yes, the KFPS registers any purebred Friesian with provable parentage. If your horse was originally KFPS registered its original papers are still valid, they will need to be returned to the KFPS and new papers issued without the FPZV stamp on them. If your horse has never been registered with the KFPS only with the FPZV, then the horse can be registered with the KFPS, which book it is entered in to will be dependent on its parents registration status.  

What if I breed my mare who is KFPS registered to an FPZV registered stallion, can I register my foal with the AFHS/KFPS? 

Yes, depending on the country the KFPS registers horses sired by FPZV stallions in either D book or B book 2. We have confirmed that for Australia the foals will be registered in the KFPS in B-Book 2. 


What if my stallion has a KFPS breeding permit and I wish to transfer him to the FPZV? 

If you register your horse with the FPZV the KFPS breeding permit will be cancelled.

Can my FPZV registered horse attend AFHS/KFPS Keurings?

No, your horse can only attend Keurings held by the Society in which it is registered, and as the horse cannot be dual registered it cannot therefore attend both keurings. 

If I take my horse to an FPZV Keuring and it receives a premie/predicates and I later return my horse to the KFPS register, will the KFPS recognize those premies/predicates?

No, the KFPS will not recognize any premies, upgrades or predicates awarded at an FPZV Keuring.


Please contact me if you have any further questions

Carina Jefferson - President

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