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Studbook & Permitted Stallions in Australia

Australia currently has one KFPS Approved Studbook Breeding Stallion and five KFPS Breeding Permit stallions. 


A breeding permit is a 'special' approval to breed when access to KFPS 'Approved' stallions is difficult due to geographical circumstances such as the location of Australia. Stallions granted a Breeding this permit have been judged as sufficient enough in quality to be used inbreeding.   

Owners of stallions with an approved permit to breed, must be current members of good standing of the AFHS and KFPS as part of the process of approval by the KFPS, is that approved or permitted Stallions be presented for judging  bi-annually in Australia in order to maintain their permit. 


Presentation of a stallion is considered application for the permit to continue for another period.  A minimum number of offspring are also required for presentation so offspring can be evaluate.

Studbook Breeding Stallion (1)

Click on the names below to view individual Stallions with a Breeding Permit 

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