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Advertising & Sponsorship

The Friesian Magazine

Our free AFHS members full colour magazine issued four times a year with Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter editions.





Website Advertising (Prices and application form below)

Advertising a Friesian horse or Friesian related goods for sale on our website it's a free service for current AFHS members.

Private advertising is available on selected locations and sizes on the website itself and is available to members and non members for business or stud advertising.

Advertise your horse for sale (Free service for AFHS members)

This is a free service for all AFHS members who are the registered owner of the horse to be advertised.  Please submit accurate information, photos and or video and we will place it on the website for you!



The AFHS is very active on social media and is currently undergoing improvements with is image and presence on the web.

Friesians are becoming increasingly used in television and movie work further enhancing their popularity.
A promotional video of the Friesian horse on YouTube has reached five million views within the last eighteen months. (

The AFHS offers sponsors the opportunity to promote themselves on these media.

Direct marketing
Together, all AFHS members make up an interesting target group. People with a shared passion but with a great variety in background, ranging from people who are professionally into horses to entrepreneurs with a fascinating hobby. 

If you are interested in advertising with the AFHS please contact

Brand association
The Friesian horse stands for key values such as royalty, power, elegance and reliability.


The Friesian horse generates sympathy. The AFHS introduces the possibility for companies and sponsors to use the protected brand name of the Friesian horse to enhance their image.


Events sponsored by the AFHS


The AFHS is happy to provide sponsorship for certain shows and events. Please contact the State Representative for details.

The AFHS is an association which devotes itself to the promotion of the Friesian horse. This is done on behalf of its over 140 plus members within Australia.

The combination of the unique brand of the Friesian horse together with all the events that now include the Friesian horse in Australia, offers companies and sponsors an exclusive opportunity to present themselves to an interesting target group.


To request sponsorship, complete the above form or contact

The AFHS organises a variety of events including the bi-annual Keuring. For this event  many wonderful Friesian horses in every state in Australia come together in a judging that is gaining popularity with Friesian lovers and the general public alike.

Promotional marketing
During the events the AFHS offers their partners and sponsors a wide range of opportunities for promotional marketing. 

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