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Jenna Fraser was an AFHS member who tragically passed away far to young in 2020. Jenna and Andrew her husband were known as genuine, welcoming and warm people, the sort that you would just naturally stay friends with for life once you had met them.  Jenna was lost to the world so young in 2020 after a very short battle with cancer.

Jenna’s mother, Judy, approached the AFHS regarding establishment of a memorial award for Jenna, which was gladly put in place by the AFHS Board.  Judy wanted an award that encouraged people to believe in themselves when they were new to horses, particularly Friesians.  She explained that Jenna had been given a start by people, when the whole world of showing was very daunting and new, and she wanted to see that encouragement given to others.  The idea of the Jenna Fraser Memorial Newcomer Award was born. 

We wanted to share some words from Jenna’s family, describing the beautiful person that Jenna Clare Fraser was:

“From a very young age Jenna expressed her preference for spending time with animals over people, and this love of animals continued all her life. She spent much time with all our animals and was convinced at age 6 that she could speak Chicken.

Jenna was born in 1986 and attended the Performing Arts School due to musical and artistic talent, and went on to play piano, drums, flute, and guitar. In year 8 she moved to Hunter Christian School to optimise her grades in readiness for university.

Jenna requested a horse-riding party for her 10th birthday and her love of horses continued to grow from that day. At age 11 we were able to lease a grand prix pure Arabian horse. Jenna would often spend the entire day outside grooming and riding her beloved horse. One night she was still in the paddock at 9.30pm.  She was still at her easel finishing off a painting of the horse in the pitch black.

Jenna learnt to ride at the local academy following her 10th birthday, then moved to dressage lessons with a national dressage rider for around 5 years. Jenna rode and won at medium level dressage at about 14 years of age. During this time Jenna saw a Friesian horse for sale at a local dressage show, and from that day she dreamed of owning one herself. In 2004 Jenna was riding in the nearby waterboard property when her horse died suddenly from a heart attack, trapping Jenna underneath him. Jenna was found hours later with a broken ankle and other injuries and had to be airlifted to hospital.  This did not deter her from riding, and she was soon back in the saddle.

In 2005 Jenna began her degree in Veterinary Science at Sydney University and completed that in 2012.  She worked at a pet shop and then as a vet nurse and veterinary assistant during this time and continued to ride dressage. In 2011 Jenna married Andrew Fraser and of course arrived in a horse drawn carriage. 


They purchased a property in Clarencetown NSW. Andrew studied engineering, and they supported each other's passions over the following years. As they were able, Andrew would get a classic car, and Jenna would get a horse float, or more gear. Jenna also loved cars and changed the engine herself in her beloved BMW.

Finally, in early January 2016, Jenna was able to purchase her beloved Friesian Tofe. Tofe was purchased as a yearling from Mount Darragh Friesian Stud.  Tofe was shown at the Keuring in 2017, where she won her class.  In 2019, Tofe was broken in by Jenna. Jenna then rode Tofe in dressage at preliminary level, and also showed her again at the 2019 Keuring. Tofe earned a place in the Friesian stud book at that presentation.

In March 2020 Jenna was diagnosed with an aggressive form of neuro endocrine cancer and died on 16 April 2020. Tofe continues to live on the property in Clarencetown.

The family hopes the award will encourage young riders to continue to pursue their passion and love of horses.”  Jenna’s family have established a memorial award in Jenna’s name, that consists of the following:

  • A perpetual trophy that will be engraved with the name of the recipient each year and to be kept by the recipient for that year.

  • A Roll of Merit medallion that will be engraved for the recipient to keep.

  • An AFHS saddle blanket.

  • A certificate recognising the recipient.


At the general meeting following the 2022 AGM, the awarding of the Jenna Fraser Memorial Newcomer Award was discussed.  It was agreed that, following the 2021 awarding, the award would join the other high point awards, whereby AFHS members could nominate and provide evidence of what they are doing with their new Friesian’s to qualify for the award.  The difference for this award is that the member must either be a new member of the AFHS or have been a member before but now have their first Friesian horse, or to be out showing/competing for the first time.  The idea is to encourage those brand new to Friesian ownership or new to getting out and about with their Friesian to show what they are doing.  The award is not restricted to Friesians under saddle, so Friesians of any age, at any outing, qualify.  This might be a clinic, a show in hand, or under saddle, pleasure outings of any type.  Essentially anything a new Friesian owner might enjoy out and about with their Friesian. 

The Jenna Fraser

Memorial Award

Established 2021

2021 Award Presented to

Jacqueline Lines and

Mazikeen of Black Flat Friesians

Jacqueline Lines.jpg

2022 Award Presented to

Heidi Ford with Rikaardt H

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