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What to do when your horses Microchip can't be scanned

There have been instances where a micro-chip implant has moved and attempts at scanning fails.

If this happens you will need to get a new micro-chip implanted by your vet.

Ensure your vet completes a DNA & Microchip Form which includes veterinary certification, with the new micro-chip scan bar, clearly stating that the micro-chip could not be located and a new one was implanted.  The vet must also take a hair sample for DNA verification.

Unfortunately the microchip is how horses are identified, if this ability is lost the only way to determine the correct identify is by DNA testing.  This is a mandatory 'KFPS' requirement for which the AFHS has no control.


This safe check is in place to protect the rightful owner and identify of the horse.

Then please send your sample to the AFHS Registrar who will process that change and ensure your horses records are accurate.

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