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How to obtain stallion Breeding Permit

Requesting a New Permit

A number of criteria must be satisfied:


1.     The foalbook stallion must have the “ster” predicate and preferably should have completed the second round of the stallion inspection as a minimum.

2.     A foalbook stallion bred in Australia may be considered if the stallion is of ster quality, with a higher-than-average linear score with a proven performance in an equestrian sport.

3.     The X-ray report and semen report must report a positive result in line with the prevailing standards for studbook stallions.  Details of the X-ray requirements can be provided by the AFHS.

4.     The DNA tests must prove that the stallion is not a carrier of the dwarfism and hydrocephalus gene.

5. The Foalbook stallion´s DNA profile must be on file with the KFPS. DNA of both dam and sire of the stallion in question must also be on file with the KFPS or Hair Samples sent in with the application. If a DNA profile is not already on file the DNA request form on the AFHS website can be used for returning the requested hair samples. Receipt of hair samples must take place within three months of application for the permit. 

6.     The stallion must have passed the IBOP or ABFP tests with a result of 77 or higher, averaging a minimum of 6.7 for walk and trot.

7.     The inspection team needs to inspect the stallion when the permit is requested, unless a recent inspection has taken place.

8. The evaluation criteria are:  pedigree/lineage – exterior – movement – semen quality – X-ray testing – clinical examination – character – hereditary defects.

9.     The stallion must contribute to extending the gene pool/bloodlines in Australia.

10.   The stallion must be available to breeders in Australia through natural service, chilled semen and/or frozen semen.

11.     A form is available for the AFHS to request a permit.


Role of the AFHS and KFPS in this process

The KFPS is the decision-making body for the issue of the breeding permit, and determines whether the quality of the stallion is sufficient.  The role of the AFHS is to advise the KFPS about the contribution the stallion will make to the population of horses in Australia.  This will be based on available bloodlines through already available (imported) stallions with a permit, and the results of breeding with frozen semen with the stallions for which semen is available.  Requests must be submitted to the AFHS first.  The AFHS will make a recommendation in regards to the effect on the existing population of friesian horses in Australia, and will send this on to the KFPS.  A decision may take up to a month, depending on the date of the KFPS inspection team meeting.   There is no set limit to the number of foalbook stallions with a breeding permit.  The AFHS, in conjunction with the KFPS, will monitor the status of the stallions and the number of permits in Australia, with the aim to continuously improve the breed and protect the interest of the breeders.

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