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Buying a Friesian

The Australian Friesian Horse Society (AFHS) is the official representative of the Koninklijke Vereniging "Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek" (KFPS) which has registered Friesian horses since 1879. Today more than 60,000 horses are registered worldwide, and the studbook counts 15,000 official members.


The purchase of a Friesian horse

The AFHS has a list of registered Australian Breeders  You can also view horses currently offered for sale in our marketplace by selecting For Sale from our Menu.                                           

Whilst the AFHS does not play an intermediary role in the buying and selling of horses, we do always recommend  buying a horse from a registered member.  If the seller is not a member of the AFHS/KFPS they cannot register  or transfer horses.

In buying a horse, a number of matters are important. Perhaps most important is the purpose for which you are purchasing the horse. Always take care that the horse has a valid passport (if imported) and studbook certificate. The chip number on both documents must match the animals own identification chip, which is located under the skin in the middle of the left neck area, about 10 centimetres under the base of the mane.

Depending on the pedigree, the horses are entered into one of the registers (see  registration Books & Register procedures). The studbook certificate of the main category, the KFPS Book, is printed in the colours yellow, yellow-green and light grey. The colours of the registration certificate in the KFPS D Book are in the shades yellow, pink-red and light grey. Papers from Bijboek (Sub-Book) I are in the colours orange, red-brown and light grey, and those of Bijboek II are in the colours red, blue and light grey. The certificate of registration is laminated and watermarked with a raised textured stamp of the Koninklijke Vereniging ¡°Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek¡±.

After you have bought a Friesian horse, the seller sends the certificate of registration to the KFPS, with the name and the address of the new owner written on the back of this certificate. At the studbook office in Drachten the horse will be transferred and put under the name of the new owner.

After payment of the membership and administration fees, the new owner receives the valid certificate of registration mailed to their home address. 

doeke of Twin Rivers 270718 a.jpg

Doeke of Twin Rivers Stud presented at Keuring 2017.  Keurings are a good way of assessing horses, meeting breeders and seeing potential horses for sale first hand.

What do I need to know before I buy a Friesian?

Friesians are still quite rare in Australia and there is a strong demand. They are priced above the average price for a well-bred horse.

The AFHS  has  a list of registered breeders in Australia. You will find this list on the menu bar on our website. Importing a Friesian from Europe or North America is another option, however on top of the price for purchase, you will also pay a substantial amount for transport, quarantine and paperwork.

The AFHS can provide you with advice in regards to selection and importation.

Members of the AFHS are guided by rules and regulations designed to protect the wellbeing of the horse, the breeder, seller and especially the buyer.   When spending a significant amount of money on your dream horse, you would want to be sure that the seller is a current member of the AFHS and that your horse is correctly registered and correct ownership can be passed.

You have to decide whether you want to breed Friesian horses or own a Friesian for competition and/or pleasure. You also have to decide how much money you can afford to spend on a horse. If you want to use a Friesian for pleasure and/or competition, you have to assess the horse for soundness and conformation.

You might have a vet  examine the horse for health and defects. It is recommended to study the "standard of excellence" for a Friesian.

Do I  need to be a member of the AFHS to own a Friesian?

If you buy a Friesian horse and want to transfer ownership, or breed a horse, you must be a member of the AFHS and KFPS by completing a Membership application

What do I need to before buying a Friesian for breeding?

The breeding of Friesians is strictly regulated and you have to make yourself aware of the rules and procedures involved. Information about this can be found on this site.

If you want to breed, you have to ensure that the horse is registered with the AFHS and the KFPS. You need to ask to see the papers, which are issued by the KFPS. The AFHS can verify that the horse is registered as well.

Only studbook mares that are bred to an approved studbook stallion will have their foals registered in the main book. On the papers it will have information about the register the horse is recorded in. If the mare is registered in the B-book II register, you can only breed a foal for B-book I if the mare is sired by a foalbook stallion with a permit or you use an approved studbook stallion.

Geldings can also be registered in the studbook, after classification.

All registered horses can be classified within their register.


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