The AFHS reviews its fees twice a year, on the 1st of December and on the 1st of August. This review is to ensure that the society is accurately passing on any fluctuations relative to international transactions for membership and related fees. These fees are based on the KFPS fee list for foreign societies and we do not need to pay the BTW (GST) component, which saves our members a lot of money.


The reason that we review the breeding fees at these times is because we do not want to make changes to the fees halfway through the breeding season.


MEMBERSHIP (membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December)

New AFHS Membership    $90.00

AFHS Membership renewal $90.00


New KFPS/AFHS Membership (includes KFPS new member entry fee)    $240.00

AFHS/KFPS Membership renewal    $210.00

Late KFPS Membership renewal (includes AFHS membership paid after 28th Feb    $240.00


Subscription to Phyrso magazine (in Dutch x 12 months)    $145.00

Stud name protection (new application)    $115.00
Stud name protection (annual renewal)    $35.00

Foal registration (includes mare breeding fee, registration fee and registration paper deposit)    $245.00
Late foal registration (foal older than 6 months of age - additional fee applies)    $295.00

DNA testing* - 1 horse   (Paternity Test) parentage/pedigree control    $125.00
DNA testing*  - 2 horses (Foal/One parent) parentage/pedigree control    $195.00
DNA testing*  - 3 horses (Foal/Two parents) parentage/pedigree control    $270.00
Genetic test for Dwarfism/hydrocephalus/chestnut gene    $115.00
DNA parentage in combination with dwarfism/hydrocephalus /chestnut gene (only available to horses already registered)    $150.00

* Please note DNA is applicable for ET. foals (horses) & in the case the KFPS have not received a breeding     
certificate, birth notification or microchip form within the required time frame​                         .    
Transfer Fee - Buyer pays (includes transfer fee & registration paper deposit)    $170.00

Duplicate Registration Paper    $180.00

KEURING FEES  (current for 2019 Keuring)    
Judging fee for adults    $185.00
Judging fee for foals    $50.00
Studbook entry fee (mares & geldings)    $55.00
Star/Crown/Model predicate    $95.00
IBOP fee    $205.00

Application fee (includes Certificate & Trophy)    $200.00

Application fee (includes Certificate & Trophy)    $250.00