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How to Transfer a Horse

KFPS Registration papers belong to the KFPS and MUST be returned to the AFHS Registrar  when a horse is sold, transferred or passes away.  (in the event of a death, you may request the KFPS stamp your papers and have them returned to you as a keep sake)

The papers are forwarded to the KFPS who process the change and return updated papers to the AFHS Registrar, who will in turn forward to the new owner or deceased horse's owner*

The seller of a horse must be a current financial member of the AFHS to be able to process transfer.

The registration paper must be sent to the AFHS registrar AND NOT given to the new owner.

The buyer must be a financial member of the AFHS & KFPS to receive a new registration paper in their name.

A deposit for this paper ($85) and a transfer fee ($85) is required (total $170) this can be paid by either seller or buyer depending on the agreement reached.

The deposit fee will be refunded to the seller for a horse that has been registered after 1st August 2009 when the registration paper fee was introduced.

If the buyer is not an AFHS/KFPS member a registration paper will not be issued by the KFPS.

In the event that a horse is purchased from a non member or is unregistered you will possibly have to:

Provide DNA samples for the horse and in some cases the parents

Incur the cost of DNA sampling

Pay extra fees on top of the standard fees to facilitate the transfer of ownership/registration process

*Members must be financially up to date before papers are released.

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