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Frequently Asked Questions


Driven IBOPS - is a helmet essential or can a hat be worn? The KFPS allows either but their preference for safety purposes is a helmet.

Can you do 2 IBOPS in a single day, eg a driven and a ridden? :- yes you can as long as you believe your horse is fit enough to do both.

Can a second IBOP be done to get a better result? :- yes, if you get close to a pass score and the judges allow it then you may have a second attempt - usually at the end of the day so as not to disrupt the time of all the other classes.

How old must a horse be to do an IBOP? :- Horses under 4yo may be entered after consultation with the board prior to entry.  Minimum age is 4yo the general rule that the KFPS uses is if the horses turns 4 by 1/6/23 it's considered ok to do an IBOP at our keuring as it's close enough to being 4. So if your horse turns 4 in say September 2023 then no the horse is too young to do an IBOP.

Are yearling and 2 year old geldings and colts judged the same? :- yes colts and geldings go in the same class and are judged the same and receive premies. In the past colts were only given comments and no premies but they now receive premies the same as fillies and geldings.

How do I know if my stallion is eligible for class 20 - observing foalbook stallion for a request for a breeding permit, if we don't know if he will pass the IBOP? :- as long as you advise us in advance then this class can be entered in and paid for on the day once your horse has a successful IBOP pass. We need to be informed of it though so the judges can be advised that it's a possibility the stallion will be entering that class.

Do all permit stallions have to be inspected? :- Yes! The breeding permit stallions are required to renew their permit every year (or every 2 years for us) and entry into the keuring is considered to be the application for permit renewal. Exceptions are old stallions who are unable to travel to the venue or injured/sick stallions who have a veterinary certificate.

My foal is not yet born, how do I enter it now for the Keuring? You can enter an 'unborn' foal, simply leave out the details you cannot complete and we will add the correct data and class once it is known. Please note - no foal under 6 weeks can be entered.

How is age determined for the purposes of a keuring? Is it the horse's actual age (based on birth date), or is it something different (e.g. the horse's age on 1st January in the year of the keuring) The time between the horse 's actual birthday and the date of the keuring determines the age. Eg born 25 December 2019, the horse was 4 year old at the keuring.

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