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How to Register a Birth Notification

The registered owner/breeder of the mare must submit a birth notification 2 weeks after the birth.

This can be done by downloading a Birth Notification form from the download forms section in our member's area, then complete the form and send to the AFHS Registrar for processing.


Digital foal administration


This can now be done through the 'MYKFPS' section of the website

KFPS members can now manage their own horse administration.

This tool can only be used IF the stallion owner forwarded 'Breeding Certificate'  within 14 days of covering the mare.

Simply log into from 'MY ADMINISTRATION' select 'FOAL REGISTRATION' 

In foal registration, the mares are listed that have been bred the year before (Only if breeding was reported to the KFPS by the stallion owner within 14 days of cover) 

Click on the particular mare and a digital form will pop up. This form needs to be completed and saved.

A confirmation of the announcement will be sent via email by the KFPS.

A birth certificate can be downloaded from 'MYKFPS' and printed the following day.

The birth certificate (in the past, the blue paper) is to be used when the foal is identified (a microchip inserted)

To avoid DNA costs you must complete the birth announcement within two weeks of birth.

Final registration of the foal will take place after the foal has been micro-chipped. Micro-chipping needs to be done by a qualified veterinarian.  The foal needs to be microchipped within 6 months of birth and at the time of identification (microchipping) the foal must be at the dam's side (before weaning).  The Vet must check the chip number of the mare with the number on the foal's birth certificate.

Once all the above requirements (Breeding Certificate, Birth Announcement, Micro-chipping) have been met and submitted in the correct time frame DNA testing of BB II foals will not be required.

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