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Central Mare Inspection

Every year,  after the inspection season, the Central Keuring (Central Mare inspection) will be organised. 


The horses awarded a 1st premium during the inspection season will be invited to participate in the studbook’s annual Central Keuring. This conclusion to the inspection season is held in September. At the Central Inspection, foals, mares of every age and geldings are inspected.


Mares three years of age and older are eligible to receive the preliminary crown title or even the preliminary model title (the model title being the highest title for conformation available to mares).   


Also on this event there will be a competition  of best ‘CK champion of the year’.  

The Central Keuring will be held September 12 - 15th 2018 at the Fries Congres Centrum (Drachten).


Tieke van't Lansink Crown + Sport at the Central Mare Keuring 2013

owned by Wallbrook Friesian Horse Stud (TAS)

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