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Dutch Registration Papers Explained

KFPS Registration Paper always remain the property of the KFPS and MUST be returned to the KFPS via the AFHS upon the death or sale of a horse for processing and to effect the return of the $85 paper deposit fee.

KFPS register
veulenboek - Foal Book for foals, or any older horse not in an adult, or Studbook, registry
ruinenboek - geldings book, Studbook for Geldings
merrienboek - mares book, Studbook for Mares
Bijboek - B-book, Subsidiary Register

geslacht - gender
hengst for male horses (gender is not changed on the certificate after castration)
merrie for female horses

registratie nummer - registration number a number which will be a permanent designation for the specific horse. The first four digits indicate the year of birth.

tongcode - tongue code the unique code tattooed by the FPS on the tongue of horses entering the Foal Book prior to 1997

chip nummer – chip number the unique code of the microchip implanted in the neck of horses entering the Foal Book in 1997 and later. Some older horses have also received an electronic identification chip and in that case both the tongue code and chip number are shown on the certificate.

geboortedatum - birth date birth date in European sequence of day-month-year

inteeltcoefficient - inbreeding coefficient the percentage of inbreeding 

geregistreerde naam - registered name

kleur - color
zwart for black

aftekening - markings - geen for none

brandmerk - brand location and mark of the horse's brand, if any

schofthoogte - height at withers height in centimeters, on the date entered in the Studbook; (cm x .3937 = inches)

premie - premium premium(s) awarded prior to issuance of the current Certificate (refer to Section 5.5). New Certificates are not issued each time a premium is awarded, but premiums are updated when new Certificates are issued (i.e. entry into Studbook, upgrading to Star register).

fokker - breeder first owner of the horse

eigenaar - owner owner of record at the time the Certificate was issued. The current owner is often shown on the back of the Certificate 

staat van overdracht - record of transfer details of ownership transfers, if any

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