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We always recommend purchasing a horse from a member of the AFHS/KFPS.  Members are governed by rules and regulations designed to protect both horses and people alike,  and are able to transfer ownership, thus avoiding additional risk, expense and heart ache to buyers.

When considering the purchase of a horse owned by a NON Member of the AFHS/KFPS, you assume the risk of purchasing a horse of unknown genetic makeup and unknown or unverified parentage,


If you purchase a horse that is and has never been registered with the AFHS/KFPS from a non member, several tests must be completed in an effort to establish parentage and verify ownership, unfortunately no guarantees on a successful outcome can be given.

  • NON MEMBER FEE is required to record the Breeder/Vendor details on our database

  • REGISTRATION FEE - see form for fees

  • DNA - parentage and Genetic testing is compulsory for all horses and this is included in the registration fee

PLEASE NOTE - GENETIC TESTING MUST BE DONE THROUGH THE AFHS/KFPS. Testing from third parties cannot be accepted.

Full fees and charges can be found on the application to register form.

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