Help with entering images



How to enter:

Entries can be sent in via our online entry form. 



Selecting the right class


Please read the class description carefully here you will find the rules and judging criteria. To optimise your chance of success make sure that your image fits the class's criteria and theme.

Picking the best image:


  • Please only submit high resolution images, pixelated images will make it harder for the judge evaluate your horse.

  • Please ensure that all images are rotated correctly.

  • The horse should be main focus point, please try not to have too many subjects in the background.

  • For classes judging on condition, side-on images will help with the judging.

  • For classes judging conformation, side-on image of a horse standing square, without a saddle, are best.

  • For turnout based classes, both horse and rider should be correctly turned out  ie. horse's type and class.

  • Choose images where your horse looks awake and alert with their ears forward.

  • For classes that require images of the horse's paces, choose images taken from the side.

  • For jumping images, images that are close up or side on to best enhance the horses technique  and the riders position.