Ypeus  Fan'E  vesta Hoeve

Hinne 427 (Stb Sport) x Abel 344 (Stb)

Foalbook Star

Genetic Test Results: Positive for Dwarfism

                                      Negative for Hydrocephalus

                                      Negative for Chestnut

NOTE: Positive test results for any genetic test does not effect the health of the horse in any way.  It simply means when considering breeding, selecting a mare who is negative for that gene.



Ypeus' service fee is kept at
$1500 + GST for this season.

Includes :-
Booking Fee & 5 Weeks Agistment at Friesian Dreams. Ypeus is also available for AI & has excellent semen quality.

Owners Michael & Marcella van der Heiden (SA)

Stands at stud

Owners Statement

The superb imported stallion is foalbook registered.  He was the highest scoring Friesian to perform the IBOP at Keuring 2017 with an impressive 78.5 points.

Sire of South Australia's Keuring  Reserve Champion 2017 Yasmin fan Friesian Dreams. 


Ypeus really impressed the Dutch judges with the quality of his offspring. They have his beautiful noble head, unbelievably sweet character and his super long 'Elle McPherson' legs.


Ypeus Fan'e Vesta Hoeve.jpg