A fun way to promote your business!



Created as a consequence of the restrictions and restraints of Covid-19, our online horse show is an online destination where Friesian owners can compete against one another from the comfort of their own home.

The platform is designed to bring the competition to you, making it super simple to enter and potentially win great prizes."


Each month we run a variety of online photo classes, anything from the more serious classes, i.e Condition and Turnout, to the more fun classes, such as Best Selfie and costume. 


At the end of the month, the sponsor for each iclass will rate their favourites in order of 1st to 3rd and Rosettes will be awarded. All entries receive a ribbon!

What does sponsorship mean and what's required?

Sponsorship is a monthly opportunity for a business to get involved with an online horse show. What you receive from sponsoring:


  • Your logo will appear directly on the "Sponsors" page. This will be directly hyperlinked to your business page.

  • You're entitled to supply us with information about your website which will feature alongside your logo.

  • You will receive free advertising on our Website.

  • You will get to judge your sponsored class.



What we require from you:

  • A small prize or voucher/discount donated for 1st place.

  • To judge your class, if you'd like to (this can be allocated to the AFHS board if preferred.



If you're not a business but would still be interested in sponsoring a month:

  • Sponsorship packages start from $30

  • You're still able to judge your chosen class.

  • You will still be mentioned on our Facebook page and website throughout the month.




If you're interested please complete our online form here